Search Engine Optimization Pocket Guide (e-book)

SEO book SEO Pocket Guide is written by Tom Marylon White, a professional SEO specialist for a major Belgian online newspaper and investment company. Tom started his his SEO education at the Dutch Google webmasters discussion group. This group focuses on the relationship between the webmaster (website) and Google. In this group he learned professional SEO from other SEO specialists and Google employees. After only one year Google asked him to become active as an official member within the group, which he proudly accepted. He has been active for about 3 years.

In his first Search Engine Optimization e-book Tom takes you along his approach for professional optimizing websites for search engines, which has already proven it's success on many websites with different genres.

This SEO e-book guides you step by step through the code. You don’t have to be a professional webmaster to understand and apply these SEO techniques to your website.

Search Engine Optimization Pocket Guide explains tips and tricks to apply so a search engine user will click your result instead of the search result above or below you.